Code of Honour

God and His Word occupy the place of honour in our school  and we strive to live according to Christian Principles.

We accept our responsibilities towards our country, its people and their traditions.

We aim to be helpful and to serve our fellow man.

We agree to do out schoolwork, put out duty towards the school first and spend our leisure time profitable.

We strive to maintain, and live according to the fundamental qualities of civilized people,
namely honesty, reliability, 
obedience, friendliness, punctuality and self -control.

By being faithful and reliable even in the smallest matters, we shall strive to bring honour to our school and uphold its good name.

We are honour-bound by our word.

We aim to conserve and care for the environment.

We strive to promote and develop cordial relations among

the learners and educators of our school, as well as among

the various language and ethnic groups in our country.



We are proud of the school’s achievements and good reputation that have been built up and maintained over many years.  We have a strong Christian ethos and believe that Langenhoven High School will only continue to flourish with the help and protection of God Almighty.
Ons vir jou Suid-Afrika


Paul Kruger Drive, Pretoria and Townlands 351-J, Pretoria, 0183


+27 12 328 3466


082 556 1138


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